Quick Tips to Find Your Dream Dress

I love wedding dresses. I admit it, if I could walk around in in a big, flowing, white gown, I so would. Unfortunately, this is “frowned upon” and also, I don’t have the budget to buy that many wedding dresses. For some of us, we grew up wondering what the different angles of our dress would look like and dreamed up each specific detail. And for others, we could care less. Regardless of how much time you have spent drooling over gorgeous gowns (me), I have put together a quick tip-list for your shopping adventures!

  • Be open

Be open to trying different styles! Even if you’re absolutely positive you’d never wear a mermaid-style dress, try one on just to see what it looks like on you. There’s a possibility it could blow you out of the water! (Yes, that was a pun).

  1. Budgets

I love budgets. Well. No, that’s not true. I love the idea of budgets. But do yourself a favor and stick to your budget. In fact, it’s probably even a better idea to look at dresses below your budget restrictions to allow room for alterations and bridal accessories.

  1. Limit Your People

Don’t bring a hoard of friends into the bridal salon with you. Bring no more than 3-4 people who really know you and love you. You’ll want people there who love you enough to tell you when you’re picking an ugly dress but can also tell when you’re in love with a dress, even if they don’t fully like said dress.

  1. Not Sure?

If you really like a dress, but you’re scared there might be a better one down the road; STOP. Take off the dress, go home, and sleep on it. There may always be a better dress down the road. That’s life. But if you love this dress, it’s in your budget and it makes you feel like a million bucks, it’s probably your dress. Don’t have a fear to dress-commitment.

  1. Have Fun

Okay I realize that this is super cliché. BUT. Seriously! Have fun! Don’t be stressed out about finding “the perfect dress!” Just relax, enjoy this sweet time and find a dress you never want to take off.

About The Author

Hey there! I'm Robyn, and I am a wedding-addict. Ok, but SERIOUSLY. I fell in love with weddings back in 2006 and I even still have my first wedding mag I ever bought. It is full of scribbles and rips and tape but I still love it. I am 21 and unmarried but I have a not-so-secret love affair with New York City where I plan on living again some day. Speaking of living.. I have lived in Illinois, Arizona, Long Island, NY, Belize, and Montana. I am a YWAMer (Youth With A Mission), lover of margherita pizza, avid Bears fan, unconventional adventurer, Lord of the Rings geek, and hunter of all things beautiful. Jesus is my greatest love, biggest challenge, and best friend. He rose my dry bones to life and I've never been the same.

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