GatheringI recently blurted out at dinner to my husband, “If we ever plant a church, I want to call it The Gathering”. He chuckled, and continued to eat our yummy lemon herb chicken and potatoes. While I’m pretty sure that there are multiple churches around the United States that have this name, something just hit me as I was sitting around our dinner table with the man I love most in the world. Maybe it was some of the artwork we have on the wall that talks about gathering together and celebrating with food and drink. Maybe it was something else. Regardless, I’m convinced that ‘gather’ is an important word in my life right now.

While our school-work has been picking up, we have been able to somehow find the time to slow down with some of our closest friends over food, gathering together with laughter and conversation. I can’t tell you how refreshing this is for the soul, especially coming out of a place comparable to social Siberia.


What does this little word bring up for you? In my mind, gathering is warm. Gathering is fun. Gathering is vulnerable. Gathering is holy. Gathering is for friends, food, and good wine. Gathering is a dinner that turns into a six-hour ordeal because you don’t want the laughter to stop.


We have some pallet artwork on our wall that says in beautiful gold letters, “They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts”. This verse, found in Acts 2:46, is something I hope to mirror in our ministry here. Breaking bread has the most beautiful meaning associated with it, don’t you think? I like to think of the disciples gathered with Jesus, trying their hardest to learn all they could about Christ, while still being a rambunctious group of young men. In the ultimate picture of gathering, Jesus invited the disciples in an upper room for one final gathering together before his death. They share a special meal together but many things are different about this gathering. Jesus tells them that his body is the bread and the wine, his blood. In our gatherings today, we are reminded that Jesus chose a common meal to outline a beautiful picture of the Gospel that was about to be made a reality.

Food. Laughter. Conversation. Love. Gathering.

Gathering brings us closer together in community. Gathering together is a time to turn our hearts and our minds towards Christ. Gathering is something that us ladies here at Stellar Day have pursued, even with quite a few of us across the country and world! This month, we challenged you to use these magazine recipes and create your own gatherings. Encourage the laughter. Indulge in some food and good wine. Break bread. Eat together with glad and sincere hearts.

About The Author

I’m Sarah Trapp, a young married lady living in Denver, Colorado. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Sawyer, and we have a goofball cat named Wylie. We just celebrated living in Colorado for one year, as well as our one year wedding anniversary! I’m a second year graduate student at Denver Seminary, where I’m getting my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I hope to eventually have my own private practice working as a Licensed Professional Counselor, but until then I’m trying to help people through the written word while I go on an adventure of learning and healing myself. My awesome husband is also a student at Denver Seminary, getting his Master’s of Divinity to be a pastor; he hopes to be a youth pastor for a while and then move to a full-time teaching pastoral role. I love Jesus, people, Instagram, reading, food, the mountains, wine, and leggings. My posts are real and raw, and are my way of opening up my heart to others through my experiences in marriage and in seminary. Some will be joyful, while others will ponder sorrow and hardships: there are no fronts here. Enjoy!

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