Welcome to our CURRENT ISSUE! Every issue goes live on the 2nd of each and every month, with a new theme and a new breath of encouragement for you. We hope you enjoy this one and then check out past issues too!

We are so thrilled to release yet another fabulous issue! Summer can be such a time of inspiration for so many, so the theme CREATE for the middle of it seemed perfect. If your heart beats for creativity, craves it, needs it and longs for it- this is for you. If you’re a woman who doesn’t think she has one creative bone in her body- this is for you. And if you’re a woman who feels like she’s lost all sense of creativity, belonging, and desire to make anything- this is for you. It’s for ALL of you and it’s going to blow you away.

Check out the latest issue here. We thank all of our writers from the bottom of our hearts! Pouring out your heart has made a difference and your courage to be raw and real will never be forgotten. Click below to read this issue.