By Jessica Williams

Somewhere along the way, I stopped truly caring what others thought. Any time I say that, I always get the one person who says, “Of course you care what others think. Everyone does to some degree.” And they would be half right. There is a small, inner circle group of people whose opinions I value, treasure, and cherish and I DO care about what they think.

As for the others? I truly don’t mind what they think, especially about me.

Somewhere along the way, I had to look deep down within me and decide who I wanted to be, who God created me to be, and who He was asking me to become. I had to let go of what my flesh wanted me to think of myself, let go of the world’s expectations, embrace the flaws that I have, and embody who Christ made me to be.

He made me new, and He makes me new every single day.

I’m not exactly sure when it was that I decided to shed the cares about what others think about me. I think one day I just got fed up enough that I took a stand for myself. I vowed to breathe confidence and to overcome my fear of what others thought of me. I chose to decide what I loved to put on my body and to wear it confidently. I chose to purchase things that made me happy and that made me feel good, even if they didn’t and don’t match. I chose to forgo living by what the fashion magazines were telling me and our society, and to choose where I wanted to fit in.

We all have a choice about where we belong, even in fashion. And I was sick of allowing others to tell me where I fit in. And when I thought long and hard, this is ultimately what I heard the Lord tell me:

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.” Proverbs 31:30

You see, I think fashion, clothes, accessories and style are all very, very fun. I love going shopping as much as the next person, and I love looking put together, feeling good in my skin, and wearing things that I feel pretty in. But at the end of the day, this isn’t where my hope lies. It isn’t where my worth comes from.

The Bible tells me that charm is deceptive and beauty doesn’t last. That could mean aging, yes, but I also think that it’s telling me that placing our hope in those things won’t bring us fulfillment. That finding our hope in things of this world, how we look, and in stuff won’t bring us ultimate fulfillment that we are all search for and desire. It’s all going to pass away, and what we ARE left with is our heart.

Here is what I know:

-I am a child of God.
-He thinks I’m beautiful.
-I have flaws, because we live in a fallen world.
-There is nothing I need to do to obtain perfection.
-God loves me just as I am.
-Jesus died for it all too.
-God asks us to take care of our bodies.
-But I believe that this it to be without comparison, guilt, self-hatred, or reaching goals that are unattainable.
-God wants us to feel beautiful. He thinks we are beautiful.
-This is different than the world’s standards of beauty.
-He asks us to throw off everything that trips us up.
-And to follow Him.

So, with that as my compass, I decided to live in this world and enjoy the things the Lord has given us. I love clothes, makeup, design, and trends. But at the end of the day, I decide what goes on my body and what doesn’t. I decide what makes me feel pretty, and what isn’t for me. And I’ve learned to live in the confidence of not caring what others think about my outfit choices mostly because I already now exactly where I stand with my heavenly Father.

He has made me, ME. I’m not meant to fall in line with every single trend, style, magazine or fad. He has given me a brain and my own opinions and it’s totally ok if I choose where I want to fit, and it’s also ok if it doesn’t blend perfectly with society. I love finding clothes that make me FEEL good, that make me shine and that I can wear confidently no matter what. I love finding things that fit MY mold instead of fitting the mold of everyone else.

I want to be exactly who God created me to be. ME.

I challenge you to step outside of your closet and to decide what it is that you DO like. What really makes you feel beautiful? What makes you shine? What do you want to add more of? Are there a lot of things you’ve purchased, never worn, and that are now just adorning your closet for no reason? Could you give those items away? Why are you hanging on to them?

Knowing who it is that God created you to be and what He created you to love is the first step. You DO have the confidence to wear the things that you love, so take the step to stop caring about what others think so much. You ARE beautiful and you were made to shine!

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I’m the owner and editor of Stellar Day Blog! I started blogging back in 2009 right after I had my first son and I often say that blogging saved my life. I didn’t realize I had so much I wanted and needed to say, and blogging gave me a creative outlet to do it. It turned from figuring out how to be a mom into wanting to encourage and inspire others in a lot of avenues that inspire ME daily. I love Jesus, people, coffee, starting businesses and encouraging others to succeed. I’m the owner and CEO of Jay & Jess Photography, which I own with my husband. We live in Scottsdale, AZ and don’t plan to leave anytime soon UNLESS we have the chance to move to the mountains. Just kidding. Not really. Sort of. I love to travel, get coffee with friends, take rad photos and build relationships with our clients. After all is said and done, it’s my goal with this blog to lift your spirits a little, and for you to leave a little happier than when you came. Because everyone knows that we could all use a little more happy in our days. I’m just a girl who’s inspired by life, people, details, words, art, love and who seeks any opportunity possible to spark a little inspiration into others. So I hope you find just that!

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