Glacial Mud Mask | Review

I have really sensitive skin. I always have. Although, I think having babies has changed my hormones enough that I don’t deal with intense breakouts anymore, but the trauma is still there. HA. Do you feel me? I’m always afraid to put anything on my face because when I was a teenager, it was bad. Those teenage years man, they’ll getchya.


I’ve recently found a company who’s products are actually working for me!! They cleanse, tone, and brighten my skin perfectly and they do not break me out. I use a variety of products, but today I want to share…

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Courage, May Issue, 2017

We are launching into May with our theme, Courage! Our largest issue yet, this one is packed full of truths from women from all walks of life who desire to encourage you to be fearless. They are pushing you to stand tall, proud, to have courage and to do so with a humble heart. There is beauty in our bravery, and stepping out in faith is something we all need a little nudge in the right direction for. You will find encouragement in this issue, bravery, thoughtfulness, and gentle tugs towards stepping out into your own path of courage…

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Coco Roo Body | Coffee Body Scrub Giveaway

By Christine Cram

There are a few things that I savor. One is taking a nice hot shower with yummy smelling soaps/scrubs. Another is drinking a nice cup of coffee. When I was given the opportunity to review this coffee body scrub I jumped at the chance simply because I love both coffee and yummy smelling body scrubs.

The coffee body scrub is delicious first of all. I was thinking it was going to smell like those fake coffee scented items, but I promise it does not. I was in heaven every time I used it. I mainly used the body…

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Whitening Toothpaste

Who wants a brighter smile with zero pain and zero sensitivity?!

I am so excited about this! I (Jess) have been introduced to this amazing whitening toothpaste and wanted to make sure to share it with all of our SDM readers! Whitening strips are so expensive and this stuff gets you results pretty quickly! I’ve been using it for almost 8 weeks now, and my results are awesome. (I’ll post them in the comments) Who else wants to try this with me? Check it out:

No peroxide

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Embracing Where You’re At

By Jessica Williams

As I type this, I am currently sitting on my couch with my three year old. She’s feverish, not feeling well, and only wants to be near mom. She napped late in the afternoon and she hardly ever naps anymore. So I know it was going to be a late night, and here I am at 10:00pm and she is STILL UP. I had big plans for this particular evening, as in, I was going to get SO much work done. Instead, I’ve wiped her forehead with washcloths, checked her temperature, filled…

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March Issue 2017

Whether you’re learning to embrace where you’re at, the mess you’re in, your singleness, or actually physical touch, we’ve got it all for you this month! Learning the art of EMBRACE is something we can all grow in and I believe it’s something we all struggle with. This month, we are encouraging you BIG with ways to sink into embracing certain areas of your life more. You won’t be disappointed! Grab a cup of coffee, and click the link above to dive on in to some strong and fierce encouragement from ladies who are JUST LIKE YOU AND ME….

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A Hug | Sarah Humphrey

By Sarah Humphrey

One of the most common forms of affection is the hug.  It shows connection, encouragement, sorrow, joy, peace, and protection. It is the universal sign for “I care.” Humans need physical touch. It’s wired into our DNA so much that it is the first thing that happens to us after we are born.

We are held.  Embraced. Nurtured.

In a hug, we feel love. I’m a hugger by nature and will gladly hold my arms out to those I’ve just met for the first time. I also love…

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Look Up

This might seem like a lame piece of advice, but it’s something that I live by. As a photographer, I inherently am forced to ‘look up’, just as a part of the job. I am forced to see every little detail, the whole picture, where the sunlight falls and to be aware of my surroundings and how they are changing at all times.

It’s been the biggest blessing of my entire life, and one that I never saw coming.

By remembering to look up, I have realized that there is an entire perspective that I am missing if I keep my…

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Clothe Yourselves In Compassion

“So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.” Colossians 3:12-14 The Message (MSG)

We do whatever we can to cover our nakedness. Shame is the name of the game; we were born into a fallen world, and we are…

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Confidence To Find Your Own Style

By Jessica Williams

Somewhere along the way, I stopped truly caring what others thought. Any time I say that, I always get the one person who says, “Of course you care what others think. Everyone does to some degree.” And they would be half right. There is a small, inner circle group of people whose opinions I value, treasure, and cherish and I DO care about what they think.

As for the others? I truly don’t mind what they think, especially about me.

Somewhere along the way, I had to look deep down…

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Reflecting The Good

By Sarah Trapp

Style has always been a difficult concept for me. As a girl who struggled with being confident in her own skin, let alone clothing to display the body I was born with, in the past I have hidden in my clothes. As I’ve grown, I’ve had to come to terms with how I look, and the reality that style isn’t simply a surface level description of who are. Style is and has become my outward expression of who God made me to be.

I’ve never been a frilly girl; I like clean…

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Through My Weaknesses

I wanted to take a few minutes- a time out if you will- to interrupt all of our sharing and talking about style, to encourage in a different direction for a minute. I’m praying that this is for at least one of you, for if it is then it is all worth it.

I struggle with chronic pain. Anyone else?

You wouldn’t know it all the time necessarily because I try to be brave and while I don’t want to be fake, I definitely DO want to try to smile through it all. I never want chronic pain to get me…

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Golden Globes Style

By Courtney Bareman

There are many fashion lessons that can be learned from the red carpet at awards shows and we are squarely secured in awards show season (YAY!!).   While tens of thousands of dollars will be spent on fancy dresses and suits by Hollywood elite, this isn’t in the budget for most people, but we definitely let the red carpet be our inspiration for our own personal style.

First off, if you see a look you LOVE from an awards show figure out what it is exactly that you love. Do…

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Style, It’s Not Just About The Clothes On Your Back

By Jenn Lloyd

Fashion is exciting. It’s a simple way to communicate with others without having to say a word.  Whether you realize it or not, we all communicate to others through the choices we make with fashion.

Style is, of course, subjective. What I think is stylish for my four year old is not always what she thinks is stylish and vice versa! Style is the way we do something or the way we have grouped things together. The fact it’s different for everyone is what makes it fun.


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The Truth About Red Lipstick

By Rennai Hoefer

The truth about red lipstick: it works on everyone, no exceptions.

The one thing you need to pull off a red lip is this: the courage to wear it out of the house.  Red lipstick is one of the most iconic and timeless looks in makeup, suitable for afternoon errands or black tie affairs. When I first began venturing into the world of lipstick, I thought bright bold colors would be more reminiscent of clown makeup on my bigger lips. After coveting the pigmented pouts of other women for far…

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